Octomom Nadya Suleman Endorses 'Octoloan,' Begs, and Strips for Much-Needed Payday (VIDEO)

Mother of 14 Seeking Cash for New Home

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman debuted the "Octoloan" today, encouraging those down on their financial luck to take a loan from the online service. Although Suleman is notorious for her financial woes, the mother of 14 seemingly has no issue brand loans with her credibility.

Octomom Nadya Suleman starred in an online commercials for the Octoloan and Octoloan.com, which was released Monday, July 30. The online fast-cash service promises funds quickly, as the mother pointed out.

"It's a service that connects you directly to over 100 short-term lenders when you need cash fast," Suleman explained. "Whether it's $100 or $1000, Octoloan.com can help when you need it most. It's simple, private, and secure."

Suleman also acknowledged her own fiscally perilous situation— as of last week, she had turned to stripping, adult videos, and posing nude in lewd magazines to pay the bills, and keep herself and her offspring from becoming homeless.

"Take it from someone who's been there. … How much do you need?" Octomom asked in the commercial.

Octoloan.com also relies on the endorsement of Suleman to attract struggling customers to their loans.

"If anyone knows financial hardship Nadya does. This is why she has decided to endorse our service OctoLoan, which connects you directly to a lender when you need money quickly. A cash advance is designed to help you during an unexpected emergency. You can use it for a car repair, food, credit card bills, rent, travel or whatever you need it for," the site writes. "Use cash advances responsibly. They are not designed for long term financial solutions. They can be more affordable then over draft charges from your bank, credit card late fees, and reactivation charges from utilties."

In addition to getting paid to endorse the loan site, Octomom has also resorted to begging to afford a new home. Her last California residence was foreclosed on, so she began asking for charitable donations on gofundme.com— $150,000 is all she needs, she said.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page," Suleman wrote on the gofundme.com website on July 28. "I am having to move out of my home soon and am very close to being able to buy a home for my kids. Your support is appreciated."

The reports of begging and Octoloan.com come at the heels of a TMZ report that alleges that the mom is earning six-figure paychecks for her stripping gigs.

"Sources tell TMZ ... the mother of 14 no longer needs government assistance thanks to her various XXX gigs," the publication wrote on July 21st. "We're told Octo has raked in more than enough cash to support herself – we're talkin' 6-figs," wrote the site.