Octomom Squalor: Was She Set Up?

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman is the subject of a new investigation by Children and Family Services in California after photos of her home were leaked and authorities were called. The photos show Suleman's home in complete disarray, but she claims the whole ordeal was set up by her hairstylist.

Suleman, the mother of 14, has reportedly been living in squalor for some time, as photos show the interior of the home covered in graffiti, with dents in the walls. Children and Family Services (CFS) determined that the situation was not dire enough to remove the children, but she has been warned to get her home in order.

Was she set up, though, for all the publicity?

Suleman claims that her hairstylist, Stephanie, took the photos and sold them to the media before calling authorities.

"Stephanie cashed in on the entire scenario," a source told RadarOnline.com. "She called the media and made a deal with them before she even went to the police!"

"She cut a really good deal and was in constant contact with the outlet that bought her stuff for the whole 48 hours leading up to the release of the story. Nadya should have been more aware, but Stephanie got her. She insisted on going over to that house to do Nadya's hair probably knowing that she'd be able to get a story from it," the source revealed.

Cleaning crews were pictured going into the Suleman residence yesterday in order to help Suleman get her home in order. She appeared on "Good Morning America" in order to defend herself against the images.

"We were set up. It's unacceptable that they're, you know, half-named going potty. I mean, moms out there, come on." She also explained that the kids were using "outdoor potties" because their indoor toilet was broken.

Unfortunately the images show that Suleman desperately needs help. TV personality and psychologist Dr. Phil has offered to help provide her with cleaning services and childcare.

While many are horrified by the images, others have complained about the means Stephanie took in order to contact authorities.

"If Stephanie were really that concerned about those children and their well-being, I think she would have rushed to the authorities. By selling her story first, she secured a paycheck...then she talked to the police, and once CPS got involved it just added to the value of her story," the source told RadarOnline.com.