Octomom Stripping Debut Received Poorly, 'She Looks Like the Joker!' (PHOTO)

Octomom Stripping Debut Received Poorly, 'She Looks Like the Joker!' (PHOTO)

After pulling out and stating that she would not appear for her first stripping gig, Nadya Suleman has finally taken the stage, but to bad reviews.

Suleman, nicknamed "Octomom" by the media after she gave birth to octuplets through artificial insemination, finally took the stage Friday after a long-anticipated debut.

The initial announcement about Suleman's stripping gig came after the Octomom stated that she was now willing to do anything in order to support her family. During an interview on Showbiz Tonight in May, Suleman said "all that matters is that I can take care of my family", when asked about her entrance into adult entertainment.

Suleman then took a gig at West Palm Beach's T Lounge in Florida but after one of the bartenders referred to Suleman as "crazy," she refused to appear and backed out of her contract, prompting a lawsuit by the club owner.

"Nadya felt defamed and was in fear for her life to step into a club where they have already set a negative tone," the Octomom's representatives later told TMZ.

On Friday, however, Suleman finally appeared on the stage in Hallandale, Florida at Playhouse Gentlemen's Club. Suleman appeared in two 12-minute sets, for which she was paid $5,000. Her performance, for many, was less than stellar.

"She's really stiff," said a girl who identified herself only as Jennifer, reported the "Oh my God, she can't dance. But it's good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night. We're going to get extra tips."

Others were more critical of Suleman's appearance.

"She looks like the Joker from Batman!!!" J.G. wrote on the Mail Online blog.

"OMG, I thought I was the only one who thought she looked like The Joker! Thanks J.G." SicknTired responded.

While Suleman has stated that her latest shenanigans reflect her attempts to support her children, others believe that she is desperate just to stay in the spotlight.

According to the popular Dr. Phil McGraw, Suleman suffers from "Pollyanna Disconnect," a mental state where an individual displays an inordinate amount of naivete when dealing with reality, rushing wholeheartedly and optimistically into situations without due consideration.

While many say the Octomom shouldn't be judged, it is likely that Suleman's own children will be negatively impacted by their mother's rash decisions.

"Society's opinion aside, one thing Suleman shouldn't be so sure about is how her young family will be affected by the often-extreme measures she takes to provide for them," Forbes magazine suggested.

Does a mother who has just entered the pornography industry and is incapable of keeping a home or paying or her own bills, qualify as a fit parent?