Oculus Rift Update 1.17 News: Users Can Now Play Steam Games in VR

Facebook/oculusvrOculus has released a patch to improve the Rift.

Oculus has recently released a patch that allows its Rift users to launch Steam/GOG-purchased virtual reality games from the Oculus software.

According to VR Focus, patch 1.17 will solve an issue that players encountered when they tried to use a Steam application while exiting out of one they purchased from the Oculus Store. Back then, they usually had to juggle the applications to get past the problem. However, because of the patch, switching titles will no longer be a pain.

Many gamers who used VR almost always had to take off the headset just to change apps from its software to Steam and vice versa. Through the patch, players can now keep the Oculus software open while still using VR-compatible titles from a Steam or GOG account.

Aside from this, the patch also includes the "Parties for Rift" feature. Gamers can access the Universal Menu or go to Oculus Home, select friends of his choosing, and pick the "Invite to Party" icon. Each party will support four players at a time. This likewise allows players to chat with those in their party even across Rift apps or wherever they are in the VR world.

The update also addresses some general bug problems in the game, as well as launch some improvements. These include fixing the issue on the player's stability while in VR. Many gamers have also complained about the floor shifting while deep in the VR world. The patch will reportedly correct this issue, as well as deal with a reconnection problem of the Rift headset where some players indicated that the device did not fully function after being disconnected. The issue with its lens slider settings will also be addressed, while some miscellaneous performance improvements will be applied.

Meanwhile, several users have cited problems in the downloading of the update shortly after it was released. They said that the download was put on queue and restarting the program did not work. However, after several tries, the users reported that the problem has been resolved.