Officer Fired for Ticket to 3-Year-Old: $2,500 Fine for Toddler Urinating in Front Yard

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A police officer has been fired for giving a ticket to a 3-year-old in Oklahoma City, according to new reports on Wednesday.

The police officer sparked controversy when he issued a $2,500 ticket to the mother of a 3 year old child because he found him urinating in the family's front yard.

Jim Crosby, Piedmont City Manager, has confirmed to media that police officer Ken Qualls was fired on Friday about a hearing took place on Nov. 14 about the incident.

The controversial ticket was issued on Nov. 4 when Qualls slapped the fine on the mother of three year old son, Dillan, after he was caught by the officer urinating with his pants down in the family's front garden.

The ticket sparked immediate outrage among locals and news of the harsh fine spread quickly resulting in a huge backlash against the police officer.

The initial charge was later amended to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to Police Chief Alex Oblein, however, the Canadian County District Attorney's Office refused to pursue the charges against the mother.

It was later confirmed that the ticket was not appropriate for the circumstances. After a hearing Qualls was fired.

However, Crosby has told media that Qualls does plan to appeal the decision to fire him, and his appeal will be heard by a Piedmont personnel board.