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'Okami' Character Amaterasu Could Possibly Cross Over to 'Dota 2'

'Okami' Character Amaterasu Could Possibly Cross Over to 'Dota 2'

"Okami HD" is coming out in less than a week, and Capcom has just come up with an interesting way to promote Amaterasu, the main character of the classic game. The company submitted their own "Okami" themed courier mod for Valve's "Dota 2," and fans can now vote for its inclusion.

Steam users can now check out the mod submitted by Capcom_Okami_HD, for a "Courier design based on the Main character Amaterasu," as the mod author wrote in the description of the proposed add-on.

A promo image of "Okami" HD, a remake of the award-winning game by Capcom for newer consoles and the PC. | PlayStation/Okami HD/Capcom

Capcom can easily call up a deal with Valve if they want a courier mod added to the game, but doing it this way looks to be much more interesting. For one, it's up to the players and their votes if the new addition will make it into the game.

In any case, the move has already accomplished its goal of getting players talking about Amaterasu and "Okami HD." As of now, the response has been very positive, giving Amaterasu a very good chance of making it into Valve's battle arena game.

Capcom has also put out a YouTube clip showing the two configurations of Amaterasu as a courier. In the video, fans can catch an early look at the celestial wolf's animations, both for running and flying.

Amaterasu is just one character vying for a cross-over spot in Valve's highly popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title, as Polygon points out. There's also Master Chocobo from "Final Fantasy Type-0 HD" and Mr. Meeseeks from "Rick and Morty."

the preview video below shows an early version of the "Okami HD" Amaterasu Courier for "Dota 2" by Valve. "Okami HD" is set to launch later on Tuesday, Dec. 12, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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