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'Olaf's Frozen Adventure': Four Original Songs in the 21-Minute Short

'Olaf's Frozen Adventure': Four Original Songs in the 21-Minute Short

"Olaf's Frozen Adventure" to release on Nov. 22 | Facebook/Frozen

Known for the last song syndrome-inducing soundtrack, "Frozen" returns for a 21-minute short to premiere in front of the upcoming "Coco." The trailer for "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" was released by Walt Disney, and fans can't be any more excited to see the lovable snowman and the royal sisters back on the big screen.

The trailer for "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" follows Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna's (Kristen Bell) first holiday back together. Considering how they spent years celebrating Christmas separately, both are considerably lost on how to spend the holiday. The lack of family traditions saddens Olaf (Josh Gad) and he sets out with Sven to find out what is the biggest family tradition in all of Arendelle.

"Olaf's Frozen Adventure" was originally announced as an ABC Televeision special, but the producers and creators of the 21-minute feature decided that it deserved the big screen after all.

"It's fun for him to go around and listen to everybody's traditions and analyze them very blankly, like a Christmas tree—'You cut down a tree and dress its corpse with ornaments!?'" chief creative officer John Lasseter told Entertainment Weekly. "Olaf is one thousand percent enthusiastic and positive, but also one thousand percent naïve about everything. And he's so much fun because of it. Every now and then, you create a character and you're just like, 'Oh, this is comic gold.'"

"Olaf's Frozen Adventure" will also add four new original songs in the "Frozen" soundtrack, composed by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel. Given how Elsa's "Let It Go" was a massive hit, the composers are challenged with standards set by the first installment of the Walt Disney and Pixar animation film.

"Olaf's Frozen Adventure" is a teaser for "Frozen 2." Although the sequel is still in the works, the 21-minute feature will give fans an idea on what to expect from "Frozen 2."

"Olaf's Frozen Adventure" will premiere in front of "Coco," which is set to be released on Nov. 22.


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