Olivia the Band Returns

Christian punk rock band Olivia the Band will return with their second full-length album via Up At Nite Records.

The sophomore project, Where We're From, It Never Snows, releases Jan. 8, 2008.

The album is the long-awaited follow-up to their popular 2005 self-titled debut. Since then, Olivia the Band has toured across the nation and overseas, including Australia and Japan.

"This time around, we just want to get back to having fun playing music and not getting caught up in all the craziness that exists in the music industry," guitarist Justin Abilla said. "It's all about loving on the kids."

Buzz is already building over the album's first single, "Something Greater."

Olivia the Band hails from the North Shore of Hawaii. With 90 concerts in 2006 alone, the group has shared the stage with the likes of Dashboard Confessional, tobyMac, and P.O.D., among many others. Their debut album garnered three hits on the Christian Rock charts, including "Shut It Out," "Stars and Stripes," and "Butterflies."