Olympic Reporter Kiss: Fan's Kiss Shocks Muslim Reporter Prohibited From Sexual Contact (VIDEO)

An Olympic reporter received a kiss from an excited soccer fan as he was broadcasting live to viewers on Sky News.

The incident has caught the attention of thousands online who found the incident hilarious. It all happened as the Sky News reporter was reporting outside Old Trafford, which is the home ground of soccer giants Manchester United in England.

However, as the reporter was giving his report a playful soccer fan attacks him with a kiss.

The reporter actually tries to fight off the overjoyed fan at first in an attempt to continue his report, however, the fan refused to take no for an answer. She is shown in the video being undeterred, wrapping her hands around the reporter's head and pulling him in for a big kiss.

The colleagues of the reporter burst out in laughter at the incident, and the reporter is shown visibly embarrassed, although also chuckling at the kiss.

It later emerged that the reporter is a Muslim, and was following the Islamic tradition of Ramadan. During Ramadan Islamic followers refrain for all food and drink, as well as all sexual contact. Some have commented that this made the reporter even more awkward, although it would be harsh to adjudge what happened as real sexual contact.

In the video of the incident the reporter cries out, "I am truly fasting," as his colleagues continue chuckling at the turn of events.

Some have found the clip even more funny since the kisser offers a very polite, "Thank you!" as she forces the kiss upon the reporter.

Soccer fans are known for their sometimes "expressive" behavior, and the soccer matches at the Olympic Games this year have been no exception, as the recent incident proves. The Olympic soccer tournament has been one of the major talking points in the summer games so far, with world and European champions Spain making an early exit after losing their opening two games without even registering a single goal. Brazil have become the hot favorites for the gold medal now.

See a video of the kiss below: