Omarosa Talks About Being Ordained, God Helping Her After Fiance's Death

Omarosa Manigault, the political consultant who became popular on the first season of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice," recently opened up about being ordained as a minister and how God has helped her overcome the recent death of fiance Michael Clarke Duncan.

Manigault, 39, once worked for Vice President Al Gore during the administration of 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton. However, the political consultant's celebrity rose when she joined real estate mogul Donald Trump's cast of "The Apprentice."

She is now gearing up to star in "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice," which is slated for a March 3 premiere. Manigault is also now an ordained minister, who recently spoke to Essence magazine about her decision to make God a priority in her life.

"I entered seminary about five years ago so it's been a long journey for me. Everybody wishes to find a calling in his or her life and I'm just so glad to figure out what God's mission for me is," Manigault told Essence. "I've discovered my true passion and that is truly being a messenger for God."

After serving as an assistant pastor at a Baptist Church in Los Angeles, Calif., Manigault said she has some things to learn before she becomes the leader of her own church. However, the ordained minister and reality television show personality said she is focused on following what God has in her path.

"Right now I'm being obedient and allowing him to guide me, which is so different than anything I've ever done in my life because I've always been so ambitious and a go-getter," she told Essence. "But listening to what God tells you he wants you to do is incredible."

While Manigault was known for her boisterous personality on "The Apprentice," she is shifting the focus on being a witness for Jesus Christ.

"There are Christians who work in all walks of life so it's not unusual to find a Christian on television. What might be unusual is to find a Christian who, at times, had been so provocative," she told Essence. "But all of that can be used to get people's attention to draw them into the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Although Manigault has focused on being a witness for Jesus Christ, she has also endured her share of heartache on her journey. Five months ago, Manigault's fiance and an Academy Award nominated actor passed away after suffering from a heart attack.

However, the reality television star turned minister told Essence that she has made sure to trust God during her times of grief.

"I've been mindful of that and I've tried to stay encouraged for people who come to me and say, 'How have you been so strong,'" she told Essence. "What I've learned is that if I trust God, he will carry me through the difficult times and challenges. And I've learned that I am equipped to deal with everything that life throws at me."