'One Piece' Chapter 852 Spoilers & Predictions: Reiju's Upcoming Revelation May Be the Key to Sanji's Escape

Facebook/One Piece'One Piece' chapter 852 will give fans a look back at Sanji's birth and reveals the truth about the other Vinsmoke siblings.

Sanji has recently learned of how Pudding played around with his feelings. The struggles of the Vinsmoke prince will continue in "One Piece" chapter 852 but new spoilers reveal that Reiju may find a way for her dear brother to get out of the sticky situation that he's currently in.

New spoilers for "One Piece" chapter 852 reveal that Reiju will make a big revelation in the upcoming installment. While Sanji may have had enough of the bad news and revelations that the previous chapters threw at him, Reiju's big reveal may just be what Sanji needs to get back to his Straw Hat crew.

It is said that Reiju will reveal what happened to the Vinsmoke matriarch and how her sacrifices led to Sanji being completely different from his siblings. Reiju will detail the story of how Jajji Vinsmoke forced their mother to bear children who have no emotions. For Jajji, emotionless soldiers will only follow orders.

However, "One Piece" chapter 852 spoilers disclose that Jajji's wife took a powerful potion that countered the effects of bearing emotionless children. While the first three Vinsmoke kids were emotionless, Sanji was saved, thus resulting to him having a kind heart.

It is further reported that in "One Piece" chapter 852, Reiju will encourage Sanji to leave Whole Cake Island and the Germa kingdom. She will persuade Sanji to reunite with his friends and to push through with his sea-faring adventures. The biggest revelation is that Reiju has turned off the explosive on Sanji's cuffs. This means he can now escape at any time.

Meanwhile, other "One Piece" chapter 852 spoilers hint of Jinbei and Luffy's alliance as the Straw Hats continue to find ways to get Sanji off of Whole Cake Island. However, it is also speculated that there will be some trials in the Straw Hat pirates' way. Brooke may be the next casualty under Big Mom's orders.

"One Piece" chapter 852 is expected to be officially released on Jan. 16, following the holiday hiatus that the manga series took in December.