'One Piece' Chapter 869: Capone to Take on Big Mom Pirates; Will the Yonkou's Scream Finally End?

One Piece
"One Piece" is a long-running manga series written by Eiichiro Oda and has been serialized in the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine since 1997. |

Now that the grand assassination plot to take Big Mom down has ended up being a much grander failure on all counts, can the Straw Hats and their allies make it out of the Yonkou pirate's castle alive on the next chapter of the manga series "One Piece."

Big Mom's scream has kept on for more than a couple of chapters now, and it has also caused destructions far worse than what Capone has foreseen while he was putting his plan together. For one, Big Mom's devastated wailings, greatly powered by her grief over the destruction of Mother Caramel's portrait, have managed to destroy the KX Launcher shots that the Fire Tank Pirates fired at her before she could even be aware of their existence.

And for the other, the continuing scream have also just broken the mirror that— with some reluctant help from their hostage, Brûlée — would've been the Allied Forces' way out, if only things had gone on according to plan.

This epic failure has now just brought Capone's betrayal of Big Mom to light, which also led him to shed all layers of pretense, transform into a giant humanoid castle known as the Big Father, and thus provide fortress for his panicking allies. But Big Mom's pirates are also all set to fight, thanks to Katakuri's mochi earplugs shutting their ears off from Big Mom's scream.

Fans of the manga series were pleasantly surprised with the way Capone responded to the disastrous failure of their plan. Most, if not all, have been worried that the leader of the Fire Tank pirates might end up turning his back on the Straw Hats should a situation like this arise. But he went out of his way to protect his men along with the Straw Hats by fully utilizing the powers of his devil fruit.

Moreover, it seems that he will also be taking the Big Mom Pirates on in the upcoming chapter even if it means risking his own life. But just how long will he be able to keep up with the fight is anybody's guess, which has also led some fans to hope that this latest revelation about Capone's Shiro Shiro no Mi will be explained in the next chapter.

Also, Big Mom is yet to fully express her wrath over the portrait's destruction, which turned out to be the last remaining representation of her beloved Mother Caramel. Will the Yonkou pirate be able to rise above her grief and retaliate at her enemies in the worst possible ways? Or will the fact that she's so distraught end up in a repeat of what happened on her sixth birthday, when she accidentally ate everybody, including Mother Caramel, without her knowledge?

"One Piece" chapter 869 comes out on the next issue of Weekly Shounen Jump.

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