Big Mom Regains Senses, Sets Eyes on Traitor Capone - 'One Piece' Chapter 870

The Allied Forces of the Straw Hat and Fire Tank pirates are in grave danger in the next chapter of the long-running manga series, "One Piece."

Viz Official Website"One Piece" is a long-running manga series written by Eiichiro Oda and has been serialized in the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine since 1997.

Luffy and the rest of the perpetrators of the failed Big Mom Assassination plot may have found refuge in the Big Father, but the Big Mom Pirates have also found quick ways to incapacitate the towering form of the traitorous Capone. Big Father has been rendered immobile, with his limbs trapped in layers of sticky candy. His cannons have also been stuck with mochi balls, rendering them completely useless.

And even though Sanji and Germa 66 has decided to take their side, if only for a while, a much bigger threat is about to befall them all that may make it impossible to escape without someone ultimately making a necessary sacrifice.

Big Mom has finally regained her senses and is now very much aware of Capone's attempt at ending her life. What will this mean for the leader of the Fire Tank pirates? Will the combined forces of Capone's men, Luffy's crew, and the Germa 66 be able to come up with a plan to distract the angered Yonkou pirate long enough to slip out of that place?

Will they all decide to fight even at the risk of their own life if it meant getting that once in a lifetime chance to bring Big Mom down once and for all? How will they defeat Big Mom's highly efficient and downright merciless pirates? And will the previously unnoticed Pudding be making any bold moves to get herself involved in the upcoming battle? If so, whose side will she ultimately take?

Fans over at Reddit speculate that the enigmatic treasure box known as the Tamatebako, which Du Feld has attempted and failed to open in the midst of the ongoing chaos, may play a part in the upcoming all-out war. Will this mysterious box really be able to create a diversion big enough for the Allied Forces to make a run for it and live to fight another day?

"One Piece" chapter 870 comes out on the next issue of the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine.

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