'One Piece' Chapter 898 Sees Exciting Return of Germa 66

Facebook/One PieceAfter the release of "One Piece" chapter 897, fans are anticipating an even more exciting chapter to follow the action-packed "Pekoms' Cacao Island Escape Plan."

"One Piece" chapter 898 is about to be released, and plot predictions have been talked about by its fans.

The Germa 66 are expected to show off their powers in the next chapter. With their return, the fate of Luffy and Sanji from the Big Mom's Pirates will be in their hands and fans are looking forward to seeing if the Vinsmokes are powerful enough for Big Mom's children.

The release of the previous chapter, 897, also known as "Pekoms' Cacao Island Escape Plan," was on March 12. In the chapter, Pekoms, a combatant of the Big Mom's Pirates and a lion mink, prepared to activate his Sulong form to help Monkey D. Luffy escape from the Big Mom's Pirates in Cacao Island.

With Pekoms showing alliance with Luffy, it is safe to conclude that he has officially denounced his affiliation with Big Mom. But, Pekoms was not able to complete his transformation into his Sulong form, which led him to be attacked. Sanji helped rescue Luffy but eventually faced several Big Mom fighters.

The chapter ended with the arrival of Sanji's siblings. The Germa 66, also known as the Warmongers, have previously defeated 10,000 Big Mom soldiers.

With the action-packed chapter 897, fans of Eiichiro Oda's hit manga series are also anticipating even more adventures for chapter 898. Smoothie, Big Mom's 14th daughter, is expected to finally present her strengths and powers. The Sweet Commander has not had the opportunity to fight yet.

Luffy has already defeated the other two Sweet Commanders, Cracker and Daifuku. Whether or not he would be fighting against Smoothie is something fans are also waiting to happen.

Fans have also been talking about Pekoms' transformation to Sulong. As his Sulong form would lead him to not be able to control himself, it is possible that Pekoms would not find a way to go back to his original form. This might also lead to his death.

"One Piece" chapter 898 is set to be released this week. The manga series is available online on various sites, including Manga Stream.