OnePlus 4 to Boast All-Glass Design?

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Santeri Viinamäki)The OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 5 continues to be one of the subjects talked about online despite the company's radio silence about the highly anticipated flagship.

In fact, a brand-new report teasing the handset's imminent arrival has the rumor mills on overdrive about what the next OnePlus offering has to offer.

The leak has many under the impression that the company is hinting at an all-glass design for the OnePlus 5, which will be a departure from what followers of the OnePlus line has been used to so far.

Interestingly, previous reports suggested that the OnePlus 5 is getting a ceramic chassis ala Xiaomi Mi Mix instead of an all-glass or aluminum design, which current OnePlus devices sport.

Other reports about the next release of OnePlus suggests that the device will be water and dust resistant, which would not be a surprise as flagships from competitors boast IP68 rating already. It would help the company to stay afloat the heated mobile war.

It is also believed that the OnePlus 5 will offer 6 GB of random-access memory (RAM) like its predecessor, the OnePlus 3T. This amount of memory is currently the standard for new premium flagships at the moment.

While all this makes for a formidable picture for the OnePlus 5, there is no way for sure at the moment what OnePlus really has planned for its upcoming product.

OnePlus is keeping details about its next-generation flagship to a minimum too. In fact, the Chinese tech company is still not done with the OnePlus 3T.

It recently announced an all-black edition of the handset, which was developed with the Parisian developer Collette. Unfortunately, getting a hold of one will be a real challenge as OnePlus has only released 250 units of the gorgeous new edition of its current flagship.

Those who fail to secure one might just want to wait for the OnePlus 5 instead.