Oompa Loompa Attack Leaves Police Baffled (VIDEO)

Police have been baffled by a pair of men dressed as Oompa Loompas after an attack in Norwich. The pair of attackers used the disguises to get away with the crime, which took place as a young man left a kebab house.

"Police are seeking a group of four people, two of whom were dressed as Oompa Loompas, who attacked a male on a night out. Two of the males were dressed as Oompa Loompas from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' with painted orange faces and dyed green hair and were wearing hooped tops," a spokesman for the Norfolk Constabulary told reporters.

The characters, along with another man and a woman, attacked the 28-year-old man, leaving him with cuts on his face, nose, and lips. He also had two black eyes after the attack and was "hit on the head" during the attack. Police have not released a motive for the crime, nor do they have any leads.

"Perhaps they were taking part in a Christmas event," the spokesman said, referring to the attackers' dress. "They may have been at a fancy dress party. It is possible it [the attack] is captured on CCTV, but we are still looking for images."

Oompa Loompas are famous characters from Roald Dahl's book, which was then turned into a movie. Johnny Depp starred in a 2005 remake that saw success at the box office. The original movie, "Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," starred Gene Wilder and premiered in 1971. The title was changed for the 2005 update.

According to reports, Dahl intended the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to be part of a trilogy, but he never finished the series. Instead, only the book's sequel "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" was published in 1972. The sequel did not reach the level of fame that "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" did, but Dahl's legend was untarnished.

Police have asked anyone with information is encouraged to contact PC Hollie Fisher at Bethel Street police station or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555111.

Watch a video of the Oompa Loompas HERE: