Opera Singing Parrot Goes Missing in NYC (VIDEO)

An opera-singing parrot is rare, so when one goes missing - it is big news.

Allen Kirson said Captain, a green and yellow Amazon parrot, apparently flew off his shoulder while riding his bike in the Brooklyn borough's Kensington neighborhood Friday, according to The New York Post.

Kirson told The Post that the exotic bird's wings are clipped, and he cannot fly very far, but that he can climb trees.

"It's just sad. I really feel for the people who have tragedies with their real children. I'm just fighting to get it off my mind 24/7," said Kirson to CBS News, adding he was exhausted but not giving up hope.

Kirson is not the sole owner of the bird, sharing it with his ex-wife, Roberta Klein. The two are offering a $200 reward for the bird.

“We’re all frantic and we’re all heartbroken. She has the vocabulary of a 2-year-old child,” said Klein to ABC News.

The parrot is not only loved for its exotic look, but its vocal abilities. Captain had big hopes of making it in show business.

CBS station WCBS in New York added that the bird frequently performed at senior citizen's centers and children's hospitals.

"I've had her for six years. That woman bird gives me less trouble than any other woman I've ever known. And, she makes the whole community happy," Kirson said to CBS News.

Kirkson also said that the bird has perfect pitch and loves to sing in harmony, but every once in a while she would sing her own arias.

"Once a week, she gives stellar Carnegie Hall performances that blow me away.”

Kirkson posted several videos on YouTube for people looking to get a glimpse of Captain.