Oprah Long-Lost Sister Story Surfaces as Lindsey Lohan Agrees to Reveal Personal Story

In light of recent talks surrounding Lindsay Lohan appearing on Oprah, old drama about the talk show host's personal life has surfaced.

It's been more than two years since it was revealed that Oprah had a half-sister. At the time, the talk show host learned of her long lost sibling after her mother revealed that she had given her first child up for adoption when she was only a baby. The half sister, named Patricia, remained in foster care for years until she was adopted at the age of seven. Oprah claimed that she had no idea about Patricia beforehand.

"Imagine my shock right before Thanksgiving that I had another sister living just 90 miles away in Milwaukee," she said during her show.

Oprah was pleased to discover that Patricia had not sold the story to news outlets as her other sister, also named Pat, had done years before. Pat was paid $19,000 by The National Enquirer for revealing that the talk show host had given birth to a child when she was only 14. The child died soon after. But her newly-discovered sister said that family business should be private.

"If that got out, it's not fair, because it's family business, and family business needs to be handled by family," Patricia. "That's not fair. It wouldn't be fair to you."

Information about the talk show host's past surfaced as news broke that Lindsey Lohan had agreed to tell her own personal story to Oprah. Lohan also has a complicated past, which she has rarely talked about in public.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the "Mean Girls" actress would receive $2 million for the OWN Network to tell her story in an eight-part reality series. The series will begin with an exclusive Oprah interview once the actress is out of rehab.

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