Oprah Winfrey Cautions Justin Bieber About Marriage

Justin Bieber has made it clear that he is considering getting married by the age of 25, but Oprah Winfrey is attempting to use her influence to stop the 18-year-old crooner from doing so.

While speculation about the Canadian singer's relationship with 20-year-old entertainer Selena Gomez has people questioning their union, Bieber's fans will be able to witness a candid conversation between he and Winfrey when their interview airs on Nov 25.

In a clip of the interview posted on the Entertainment Tonight website, Winfrey inquires about Bieber's desire to get married at 25 years old.

"I think so, yea," Bieber responded to the inquiry.

When the 58-year-old media proprietor asked the young singer to rethink his stance on marriage before 30, he asks her "why?"

"I think 25′s too young, actually," Winfrey told Bieber. "I really do – and particularly for you."

The media maven went on to explain why the singer should avoid getting married before 30.

"Your whole 20s is about discovering who you really are, and you owe that to yourself, particularly because of the business that you're in," Winfrey told Bieber in the interview scheduled to appear on OWN. "There's not a lot of self-discovery time because so much is already defined for you."

Bieber responded to the media personality by saying, "Well, we'll see when we get there."

The singer told Winfrey about wanting a "handful" of kids, but she didn't let up during the interview.

"So, you were gonna get married at 25 but now you're gonna rethink it because I'm telling you to," she questioned the young entertainer.

Bieber smiled at Winfrey and seemed to consider her advice.

"Yeah, I mean, you are Oprah, you are telling me I should not get married at 25, I should probably listen to you," he told her.

To that, Winfrey quipped, "You maybe should."