Orange is the New Black Season 2 Cast Rumors: Piper and Alex Relationship, Laura Prepon's Return Discussed By Taylor Schilling (Netflix Trailer Video)

Orange is the New Black Season 2 cast rumors have been creating huge waves on the Internet over the past few weeks as news reports claim that Laura Prepon, aka Alex, may be heading for a swift exit early in Season 2. Now Taylor Schilling, aka Piper Chapman, has come out to comment on those rumors and discuss what she thinks about Piper and Alex's relationship in the hit Netflix series.

(Photo : Facebook/Orange Is The New Black)Alex is featured in this poster for hit Netflix show, Orange is the New Black.

According to recent cast rumors surrounding Season 2, Prepon will not be a regular on the Netflix series for the upcoming season.

The Buzzfeed rumors have been sparked by an unnamed source close to the show, however, Netflix has denied the reports that Prepon will be leaving, saying that the reports of an exit are "not accurate."

Netflix has said, "Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed."

That statement has not stopped rumors going wildly out of control, with many commenting that the statement did not specifically say that Prepon would remain a main character throughout the season. Rather it simply said nothing is confirmed yet.

Now, main character Taylor Schilling has come out and been open about discussing the rumors surrounding her co-star, as well as speaking in depth about Alex and Piper's relationship in the hit show.

(Photo: Reuters/Fred Prouser)Actress Taylor Schilling, star of the Netflix series "Orange is the new Black", arrives at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual luncheon in Beverly Hills, California August 13, 2013.

Speaking to E! Online, Schilling explained that she thought Piper and Alex were a special couple: "Alex is one of the great loves of Piper's life, if not the great love, and I think that anytime you have a bond like that it never really ends."

She added, "It continues to play out it's like the layers of an onion. I'm curious also to see where the writers take that relationship."

Schilling then went on to admit to E! Online that she has no idea whether Prepon would be returning to the show or whether she would just be coming back to make a dramatic exit.

Schilling said, "Well, you know, I don't really know anything about that, I just know that she's an amazing actress and I've really had an incredible time working with her and I know that there's no end to that relationship."

(Netflix)Orange is the New Black has been a hit on Netflix and has been confirmed for a Season 2.

Meanwhile, Danielle Brooks, aka Taystee, gave some insight about Season 2 to E! Online: "We're having a blast! I mean, the writing was amazing before and it has gotten even better, I don't know how they made it happen but it's really good. I think that people are going to be so excited about season two."

She added, "I think it is challenging though when you're on a great show because there's so much expectation that comes along with that but I think we all are making a big effort to make it about the work, I think that's what made season one so great is that we're focused on telling truthful honest stories as well as we can."

Orange is the New Black Season 2 should be out in 2014, and is currently filming in New York.

Here is a video trailer for Orange is the New Black's Season 1:

Here is a video preview for Orange is the New Black's debut season: