Orange is the New Black (Trailer): Netflix Cast Rumors as Season 2 Approved Amid Rave Reviews (VIDEO)

Orange is the New Black Season 2 has been given the go ahead to the delight of the Netflix series' fans. Filming is still set to commence but cast rumors have immediately begun swirling, with viewers eagerly awaiting the second season of the hit show.

(Netflix)Orange is the New Black has been a hit on Netflix and has been confirmed for a Season 2.

The comedy-drama only premiered on Netflix on July 11, 2013 with 13 episodes for its Season 1. However, it has become an instant hit among Netflix subscribers; and the series' makers were so confident in its success that they already gave it the nod for a second season before it was released to the public.

The first season revolves around the story of Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling, who is dragged in to a situation from the past regarding drug possession and a suitcase full of drug money belonging to an international drug smuggler – who also just happens to be an ex-lover. Schilling is sent to federal prison, where the series is set, and the season then goes on to explore the difficulties encountered with prison life.

The comedy series does touch on some serious issues, such as race, class and mental health, but it's balancing act between addressing real issues and finding comedic ways of telling stories around them have made the series a big hit.

The Washington Post's Dylan Matthews heaped praise on the new series, saying it was "the best TV show about prison ever made."

Mashable's Nora Grenfell also described that Orange is the New Black was what "Netflix was made for."

"Orange is the New Black" stars Laura Prepon as Alex Vause (Chapmman's former girlfriend), Michael J. Harney as Sam Healy (prison manager), Michelle Hurst as Miss Claudette (Chapman's former roommate), Kate Mulgrew as Galina 'Red' Reznikov (prison-mate), and Jason Biggs as Larry Bloom (Chapman's fiancé).

It has already been rumored that Taryn Manning, who stars as Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett in Season 1, will also be returning for season 2, and most of the main characters would be returning, with the possibility of some new additions.

Some rumors have suggested that some special guests may get the go ahead to appear on the upcoming season of the hit Netflix show.