Original Gerber Baby Meets Newest Infant Model

The very first model for Gerber, Ann Turner Cook, met the company's newest infant model, Mary Jane Montoya, on Wednesday.

Now 85 years old, Cook was introduced to 8-month-old Montoya on the "Today Show" after the new face of Gerber won the baby food company's Facebook contest.

Montoya beat over 300,000 other Gerber Baby hopefuls during the contest and won $50,000, which her parents, Sara and Billy, plan on investing in the child's college fund.

"It's so exciting, you're just bursting at the seams with pride for your daughter," said Billy Montoya while on NBC's morning show.

Cook was among the judges who selected Montoya to be the new face of Gerber.

"The original drawing was sold to Gerber in 1928, so ever since then, I've been the face of every product Gerber has ever made," Cook explained. "It's been wonderful for me to be the symbol worldwide for babies."

"I can always be very proud of the product," the retired English teacher from Tampa, Fla. added.

Similar to Montoya's contest entry, Cook entered and won a nationwide contest to become the first Gerber baby in 1928, and in 1931, the portrait was trademarked.

On Montoya, Cook said the new model "is just adorable."

"And she is a delightful little person," the mother of four adult children added.

As for Cook's original image, she and Montoya will share modeling duties for the baby food company over the next year.

On Twitter, the old and new faces of Gerber made waves.

"You know what," asked Twitter user Megan. "Look at her face then and now, hasn't changed that much! Ann Turner Cook, Original Gerber Baby."

Erika posted, "There's a new gerber baby and she's Latina! SO cute!"

"Awwww, take a look at the new 2012 Gerber Baby striking a pose next to the ORIGINAL Gerber Baby to represent the baby food brand," another user posted.