Osbourne Family Suffers Loss During Christmas

British rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family have experienced a sad Christmas holiday this year after the death of their beloved pet.

The Osbourne's 14-year-old dog Martin died Dec. 24 and interrupted the families' joyous celebration of Christmas.

Kelly Osbourne, singer and daughter of Ozzy, took to her Twitter account to express her grief over the Chihuahua's death.

"Today is a sad day in the Osbourne family house hold," wrote the 27-year-old. "We lost r [our] dog martin (sic) of 14 years. Devastated does not quite sum it up! #NotSoMerryChristmas."

Kelly's mother Sharon Osbourne described the dog on her website, writing that Martin was known professionally as "Martini Bianco," and that he was "a sophisticated little creature."

The family pet was featured on MTV's reality series, "The Osbournes." On the website, Sharon also included a picture of Martin, writing, "Shunning the affection of women, Martin prefers the love of a good man."

The British celebrity family has 11 remaining dogs, according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail. Sharon recently revealed that the animals have their own nanny to care for them now that her children have moved out.

"They're such good company," said Sharon. "I rescue them all. I'm their hotel. I even babysit my friends' pets. I have a full time nanny just to care for them."

Despite the grief, the Osbournes went forward with their usual Christmas traditions. Sharon posted on her Twitter account during the celebration, "Every Christmas Eve the Osbournes have Christmas dinner and then exchange gifts. It's our holiday ritual."

Although the family suffered a loss, the Osbournes will see an addition to their clan soon. Son Jack Osbourne is expecting a child with his fiancée early next year. He and Lisa Stelly had announced their pregnancy back in October.