Oscar 2013 Predictions: Lincoln, Life of Pi and Argo to Lead for Best Picture? (PHOTOS, TRAILERS, VIDEOS)

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Photo: Twitter/ Rebekah Eagle/Touchstone Pictures)Daniel Day-Lewis As U.S. 16th President Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's historical drama "Lincoln."

Oscar 2013 predictions are already beginning months before the ceremony even takes place with many critics making lists of the top movies that could take home the top prizes.

Here are three films that have created a buzz already and which are sure to be there in the mix when the Oscars are awarded.

"Lincoln" is an eagerly awaited biopic about President Abraham Lincoln, with Daniel Day Lewis taking on the almost legendary figure to try and bring a more human side to the character that people can be inspired and moved by, as well as someone they can relate to.

This film has been on the list of likely Oscar contenders basically since Daniel Day Lewis was announced as the main lead. The film is being directed by none other that Steven Spielberg, making it a dead cert to be nominated and a strong contender for both best male in a leading role, as well as of course the coveted best picture award.

"Life of Pi" is also being touted as a potential Oscar-winning film. The release is based on a hugely popular book by Yann Martel, and is about a young boy lost at sea and trapped in a boat with a man-eating tiger.

This film's theatrical trailer portrays the film with some stunning visuals and fans can expect this movie to be nominated from numerous visual, special affects and make up awards at the 2013 Oscars.

With the film also being directed by the popular Ang Lee it is highly likely that the film will also get an Oscar nomination for best picture. Some critics are already predicting that "The Life of Pi" will receive nominations in the double-digits.

Another virtual cert for numerous Oscar nominations is "Argo." With Ben Affleck at the helm of this film the story centers around an intriguing plot line about an Iran hostage crisis. This film is sure to be a fan favorite but some critics have also indicated that the film's release may not have come at the best time, considering U.S. and Iran relations are increasingly strained at the moment; it could be too sensitive to give this film the top prize.

Here are the trailers for all three films: