Oscar Pistorius Inspirational Photo with Girl (PHOTO)

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TwitterOscar Pistorius and a young girl running.

Oscar Pistorius of South Africa is the double amputee who has been an inspiration for all during his time at this year's Olympic Games and a photo that recently resurfaced on Twitter proves just that.

The photo is not recent, but after Pistorius was able to defy all skeptics and critics when he qualified in his heat to advance to the men's 400m semi-final, he was able to capture the hearts of all onlookers. But what makes this situation special is his continued advocacy for disabled persons, setting the example by showing that anything is possible.

The young girl in the sunny yellow dress is Ellie Challs: the quadruple amputee is seen racing here and being coached by someone who was faced with adversity, but was able to overcome significant odds.

The picture surfaced last Sunday on Twitter and has made its rounds on the internet after Pistorius raced. In an Olympic Games marred by an embarrassing match-fixing scandal in women's badminton, it was refreshing to see what the Olympics truly are all about.

Pistorius is nicknamed the Blade Runner after his cutting-edge prosthetic sprinting legs, but for all the good he can do by inspiring and setting an example for able-bodied athletes, he, too, is still subjected to skepticism. Before he competed the race, it was thought that his prosthetic legs gave him an unfair advantage. There was even talk that he might not be eligible to race because of it.

Though he didn't make the final, he did run well enough to make the semis and he did do plenty to inspire. In his heat was Kirani James, who is largely considered the best 400m runner in the Olympics and the man who won the semi-final Pistorius ran in.

James was so moved by Pistorius that he switched bib numbers with him after the race and held it up to the crowd.