Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Outrage as Government Funds Study into Sex Lives of Homosexuals

Outrage as Government Funds Study into Sex Lives of Homosexuals

The Traditional Values Coalition has expressed its outrage at a study conducted by the National Institute of Health that probes into the lifestyle of homosexual men.

The study reportedly used homosexual men’s penis size’s to determine their sexual preferences.

“This country is broke and we cannot spend money on this kind of stuff,” said Andrea Lafferty the president of The Traditional Values Coalition.

The Coalition caught wind of the study while conducting a six month investigation into NIH grants for examples of “institutional waste.”

“We’re spending money on whacky stuff,” said Lafferty who shot down the idea that this study was beneficial for our nation.

According to Hunter College professor Jeffrey Parsons, one of the researchers involved in the study, NIH funds were only used to analyze and write up data. “The data was not collected using taxpayer funds,” said Parsons in an email. “NIH funds were not used to measure anyone’s penis size.”

According to National Institute of Health, the study was funded by the Hunter College Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training.

“Dr Christian Grov was supported as a post doctoral research fellow at the time the research was conducted by a National Institute on Drug Abuse funding training grant,” said the NIH.

The Traditional Values Coalition claims that $9.4 million was spent during the 10 years of research conducted in the study.

“We’ve got nameless faceless bureaucrats who thought this was a good use of tax payer’s money,” said Lafferty.

But Parsons, the Hunter College professor claims only a small part of that went to their research, attributing the rest going to the “post doctoral training program.”

“To suggest that 9.4 million dollars was spent to study penis sizes is factually inaccurate and designed to create news,” said Parsons.


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