Outraged NJ Congressman Says Hospital Violated Rights of Anti-Abortion Nurses

Following the news that a New Jersey hospital threatened the jobs of nurses who refused to assist in abortions, a state congressional representative has fired back, accusing the hospital of coercion.

New Jersey Rep. Christopher Smith organized a conference Monday afternoon outside the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

“This is an outrage – to coerce nurses or any health care professional to be involved either pre-op or during the commission of an abortion is against federal and state law.” He went on to praise the pro-life nurses for their bravery in standing up for their beliefs and not allowing the hospital to tramp on their rights,” said Smith.

Smith continued: “Because the nurses recognize the innate value and dignity and preciousness of the child in the womb and have refused to participate or be complicit in an act of violence against a vulnerable child, they are punished.”

The congressional representative also said the hospital endangered the federal funds it receives to continue its operations, explaining that the claim could prove the institution violated its employee’s civil rights.

The 11 nurses filed a lawsuit on Oct. 31, revealing that the hospital had given them the choice between assisting in the abortions or being fired from their jobs.

One of the veteran nurses who was faced up with the decision was Fe Vinova, who shared that the hospital repeatedly ignored their objections to the abortions and told them that they will lose their jobs if they did not carry them through.

“It’s a profession of caring,” said Vivian to Fox News, reflecting on her 21 years experience in the field. “Even when I was young, I wanted to take care of patients.”

The nurse revealed that it was her talk with her young sons that persuaded her not to go through with the abortions and hold firm to her beliefs – particularly when her 8-year old son reminded her of the sixth Commandment that religiously prohibits killing anyone.