Ouya Release Date Pushed Back to June 25

The Android-based Ouya gaming console's release date has been pushed back from June 4 to June 25.

This announcement comes just after the company completed another round of successful fundraising via Kickstarter. Ouya raised another 15 million in capital and hopes to use this extra cash to develop the company's burgeoning game developer community.

The device was recently tested out by sites such as The Verge, Wired, CNET and AllThingsD, and the general consensus was that the console has potential, but there are still some kinks to be worked out in the meantime.

"The Ouya still has a ways to go before I'd call it a full-fledged home console competitor," wrote The Verge. "Even if I'm not convinced of its utility, though, I'm reassured that it's trying to offer something new and different, not just a rehashed set of Android games or another hardware gateway to the same content."

Wired discussed the potential of the console and the site's Chris Kohler expressed his excitement for its future game development, which will be open to all.

"Ouya's radical re-envisioning of television games doesn't stop with just recreating the iPhone on the TV. There's no difference," Uhrman says, "between a developer kit and a retail console- all you need to make games is the Ouya and a PC."

AllThingsD's Bonnie Cha described the games on the device as retro arcade-style and was not too sold on the system being able to compete with Sony and Microsoft with their state-of-the-art titles.

"During my brief time with the system and storefront, I found that most games were of the retro-style arcade type or those you'd find on smartphones or tablets," said Cha.

She spoke about how Ouya's creator Julie Uhrman claims that there will be innovative and exclusive content that will not be available anywhere else on the console in the future. However, Cha doesn't know if that is a reachable goal.