Over 55,000 Teens to 'Get in the Game'

Dare 2 Share Ministries has put on a new set of gear for this year's national tour where more than 55,000 junior high and high school students have signed up to "get in the game."

With an athletic bent, GameDay will kick off in Nashville this month with 2,500 teens who will be equipped to defend their faith as they view themselves in the competition of the Christian life.

"It's time to equip our teens to know what they believe and why they believe it,” exclaimed Dare 2 Share Ministries President and Founder Greg Stier. "It's also time they understand the reality that every day is a fight for someone's eternal destination. Getting involved and impacting the community is just one way for students to start taking ownership of what they believe by putting 'feet' to their 'faith.'"

GameDay is part of a five-year tour series that launched in 2004 with the Blaze tour. Last year, over 47,000 students were equipped during the Revolution tour. This year, Dare 2 Share has added two new cities to its national lineup to energize teens across 11 cities.

With 90 percent new and fresh content every year, GameDay will get teens focused on discovering the reliability of God's Word in their lives and to "Go! Fight! Win!" with the Word.

While the Friday night drama, the skits, the training manual and the music are different, the focus on sharing their faith remains the same. After being trained, students have the chance to put their faith into action in a four-hour block where students collect canned goods and initiate conversations with people regarding their eternal destiny. The past tour saw 1,283 new “eteams” (evangelism teams) launched, adding to a total of 4,770 eteams nationwide.

"It is so hard to be a Christian teen in the world today, but no matter what, I am going to be in the four percent of teens that stay with Christ even through adulthood," said a youth participant in a news release. "If we Christian teens today don't follow through with our salvation it will be so hard to get others to believe in the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. It is so important to keep hold of our salvation and to share our Faith with the world so that one day the four percent that continue to follow Christ through adulthood will be 100 percent on fire for God and the other 96 percent will notice and want that too for their own lives!”

According to research reports, two of three high school seniors will evacuate from the church upon high school graduation, said The Barna Group, and 50 percent of evangelical college freshman will forsake their beliefs by their senior year of college, stated a Dr. Gary Railsback study.

Dare 2 Share is based in Denver, Colo., and has impacted the lives of more than 250,000 teens since 1991. Last year, nearly 4,025 students newly committed themselves to Jesus Christ.