Overnight Supermarket Feast: Trevor Runyon Cooked 6 Steaks, Soiled Himself

An overnight supermarket feast landed a burglar in trouble after he ate as much as he could, then fell asleep in the store. Trevor Runyon of Shepherdsville, Kentucky snuck into a ValuMarket in Mount Washington Sunday night and after his feast, went to sleep in the ceiling of the store.

The overnight supermarket feast was apparently a premeditated plan by 30-year-old Runyon. Surveillance tapes from the ValuMarket showed him coming into the store Sunday night, but hiding from employees as they closed up. After they left and shut off the lights, the thief decided to eat to his heart's content, according to local station WAVE-TV.

Runyon cooked himself six steaks, shrimp, drank beer, and had birthday cake for desert while in the Bullitt County store. Sometime during the night he also treated himself to cigarettes. Finally, he soiled himself, apparently unaware of the employee bathrooms in the store, and changed into a new pair of clothes he found, according to Lex18 News.

After indulging himself, Runyon climbed into the rafters and went to sleep.

When the manager came to the store Monday morning, he became suspicious after finding 57 cans of Redi-Whip in the garbage. The multiple cans of whipped cream prompted him to check the surveillance footage, Officer Michael Huffman told WAVE-TV. When he checked it, he saw Runyon's overnight food binge.

Authorities were called about the burglar, but firefighters were contacted to get Runyon out of the ceiling. Once they got him down, the suspect was taken into custody and charged with burglary and criminal mischief. It is unknown if he has hired an attorney.

This isn't Runyon's first run-in with the law. His most recent arrest was in March, and he has been arrested previously for public intoxication and possession of a controlled substance, according to online records.