Pacifica Shark Attacks Fisherman: Great White Shark Hits California (VIDEO)

A Pacifica State Beach Great White Shark has attacked a kayaker on Tuesday afternoon, sparking concerns among the local swimmers.

Micah Flanaburg was kayaking and fishing off the coast of Pacifica State Beach when a Great White Shark attacked, according to CBS news.

(Photo: Reuters/Mike Hutchings)A Great White Shark swims past a diving cage off Gansbaai about 200 kilometres east of Cape Town.

The massive shark grabbed the kayak in its mouth, shaking it back and forth, according to the man, but fortunately Flanaburg was unharmed in the ordeal.

Flanaburg has said, "As I'm looking back, trying to figure out what the hell is going on, he came up straight underneath me…and the whole kayak was probably lifted out of the water … And as it grabbed a hold of me, it started shaking the boat front to back. And it wouldn't let go. I was pretty much helpless, just hanging on for dear life."

The man has also said that the scariest moment of the shark attack was when the shark let go of the kayak.

He said that he had no idea whether the Great White Shark was going to come back and attack the kayak again, and if it did he may not be as lucky the next time.

Flanaburg said: "Probably the scariest part was when it let go, 'cause it swam back around and I thought he was going to come and take another bite, right where my legs were."

Ross Webber, Flanaburg's father-in-law, has also described that they were kayaking and fishing away from the area that swimmers were located at Pacifica Beach.

He has estimated they were about 100 to 200 yards away from the shore during the attack.

Authorities will be posting up warnings to swimmers to notify them of the attack and warm them of the dangers.

The new shark attack is the second to hit California this week. Just last week a swimmer was attacked at Surfside Beach. In that incident the swimmer was injured but survived after fighting the shark off with his bare hands.

Here is a video news report into the Great White Shark attack in California: