Padma Lakshmi 'Not Dating' Vikram Chatwal

Padma Lakshmi has been the source of constant dating rumors ever since her partner, Teddy Forstman, passed away over a year ago. She was recently linked with Vikram Chatwal but has since denied any relationship with the man.

"I'm still single and searching!" Lakshmi told People magazine. "Vikram and I are just friends and will remain just friends."

Perez Hilton stated that Lakshmi began dating Chatwal in January and the two spent a vacation together in India. He also noted that the two attended the Blossom Ball for the Endometriosis Foundation of America together.

"We're so happy for her!" Hilton posted on his website.

Lakshmi, the host of Bravo's hit cooking series "Top Chef," is busy raising her 3-year-old daughter Krishna and working on the show. She was determined to raise Krishna on her own after Forstman died and was initially disappointed by the custody battle brought by Krishna's father, Adam Dell.

Dell was not publicly acknowledged as the little girl's father, but instead was told that Forstman was her dad. He helped raise her for the first two years of her life and even left her a trust fund after his death. Now, though, Dell regularly sees his daughter and Krishna shares his last name.

"Krishna just turned two years old and she's a beautiful, healthy, happy baby and I didn't lose anything," Lakshmi later told "Extra." "There was nothing to lose– she's a delight and joy."

Dell brought a suit against Lakshmi in 2011, claiming that she had tried to "minimize, if not eliminate his role in Krishna's life." He sought full custody of the child but lost and was granted extended visitation rights as well as legal recognition of his paternity.

Lakshmi hasn't dated since Forstman's death and is apparently in no hurry to start. She took to Twitter to defend her "single and free" status for fans.

"Pls stop the lies. I'm NOT dating anyone or vacationing with or 'cozy' with anyone," she tweeted on Wednesday.