Paige Aiello Missing: Police Find Purse, Keys on George Washington Bridge (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Facebook/Find Paige Aiello)Paige Aiello was last seen Tuesday, April 9.

Paige Aiello disappeared on Tuesday, and her parents fear that their daughter may have succumbed to a great deal of stress and taken drastic measures. Her purse, cell phone, and car keys were found on the walkway of the George Washington Bridge.

Aiello, 22, attended The College of New Jersey in Ewing and apparently "put a lot of pressure on herself recently. With graduation looming, she was a little down the past few weeks. She has been very upset," Erin Aiello, Paige's sister, told The Daily Record.

The senior was all-conference with her tennis team and had been "accepted into approximately nine law schools for next year. It's maybe just too much," her father told WCBS.

"She had hit almost like a wall where she felt she was not maybe either worthy of all this or she just couldn't handle it," Christopher Aiello explained. "So the message ... is not only do we have to be watching our children that are not doing well and getting in trouble, but we have to see and watch the kids that are the over-achievers. They have a self-imposed stress."

"As soon as I heard that [her things were found], I just heard it in dance class, my stomach dropped. You know, there's always hope, though. I hope somehow she is still out there," fellow student Natalie Steele told ABC.

Authorities have searched the Hudson River but did not find anything. Friends and family are very worried about Aiello, especially with her things being found on the George Washington Bridge. Numerous people tend to take their lives by jumping from the bridge, but Aiello's parents are holding out hope that she will return home.

"If she does hear this, [we want her to know] that we love her and we want her to come home. That's it," Christopher told ABC.

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities at (908) 369-4323 or go online to

Watch coverage of Paige's disapperance here: