Pakistani Actress 'Cheated,' Sues for Doctored Nude Photos

Actress Veena Malik has taken out a lawsuit against an Indian magazine for publishing digitally altered photographs in which she appears nude.

Malik’s lawyer, Ayaz Bilawala, has denied that the photographs are genuine.

“She has been cheated, and there has been tampering, and the photographs have been morphed,” said Bilawala, according to The Associated Press. “She has not posed in the manner in which she has been shown.”

The racy images displayed Malik wearing no clothes with her arms and legs strategically covering her body. In response to the photographs, conservative Islamists have expressed fury and offense.

Bilawala sent a notice to India’s version of the men’s magazine, FHM, citing a lawsuit which pursues 100 million rupees ($2 million) in damages. The suit also demanded that all copies of the December edition be removed from newsstands. The case will be handled through the Mumbai High Court.

In retaliation, FHM India editor Kabeer Sharma said that the photographs were authentic and that a video of the photo shoot would prove the images are real.

“It’s a considered decision on our part not to make that video public because of the nature of the video,” said Sharma.

Bilawala denied that the magazine has possession of such a video.

The photos, posted on FHM India’s website, have been the source of conversation on many social networking websites of late.

During a television interview with Pakistani Geo television, Malik said the photos were intended for a “bold but not nude shot.” The actress added that FHM India violated their agreement.

Malik has received flack in the past for breaking Pakistani religious and national taboos, according to The Australian. After the photos’ release, conservative cleric Maulana Abdul stated they were a “shame for all Muslims.”

Journalistic ethics and standards comprise principles of ethics and good practice including truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability in reporting across the globe. Legal action against FHM India will be pursued after the photographs in question are confirmed as being fake.