Palmetto Tornado Causes Huge Damage to Florida Mobile Home Park (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A Palmetto tornado has torn through a mobile home park on Florida on Tuesday, ripping the roofs of numerous mobile homes, and forcing residents to fear for their lives.

(Photo: YouTube/ABC Action News Screen Shot)A Palmetto tornado has caused extensive damage to a Florida mobile home park.

According to reports the tornado struck at about 6.30 p.m. local time, and hit the Tropical Isles RV Park, which is a community specifically catering for people aged 55 and older.

The tornado is said to have come out of nowhere, caused extensive damage throughout the park, and then about 30 seconds later it just disappeared again.

Even though extensive damage was caused at the location, there were not reported deaths among the residents or workers there.

But now residents are counting the cost of the tornado, after it tore off numerous roofs from the mobile homes, and damaged others with flying debris.

 "I sat down, I started watching TV and about 30 seconds after that, the roof took off of my trailer," said John Kadlick.

Only one person was actually injured in the freak weather, and that person is said to have refused medical treatment afterwards.

Local residents have expressed their shock at the tornado, many describing the day as calm with blue skies before the twister hit.

Some eye witnesses described how the beautiful day suddenly changed when a funnel cloud suddenly started forming above them.

 "When I looked up all this metal was coming at me. I ran into the bathroom. I was scared to death," said park resident Cathy Dobson.

Some have described that the tornado never actually reached the ground, but simply skipped from one home to the next. The tornado was described as being eerily quiet as it sparked its devastation of the park.

"It wasn't a roar that you hear because it never got permanently on the ground, but the pressure changed and the animals started acting up," resident Cason-Kelly has said. "You didn't know where it was going next."

The National Weather Service has listed the tornado as an EF-0.

Here is a video news report into the Palmetto tornado incident: