'Paranormal State' Star: 'Demons Could Have Given Me Cancer'

"Paranormal State" star Ryan Buell has been in remission from pancreatic cancer and is now speaking about his experience, which he believes may have stemmed from a demonic encounter. Buell also noted that he began to turn around and heal once he understood the idea of loss and having faith.

After becoming famous for dealing with the demonic on "Paranormal State," Buell was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the young age of 29. He became incredibly ill and was, at one point, very close to death. He went through multiple treatments but didn't begin truly feeling well until March of this year, when he had yet another surgery.

"It just felt right," Buell told People magazine. I just felt like, it's time for this to be done with, it's time for me to turn a chapter and have some happiness. An older gentleman, Charles, who was in his early 60s – we met him through 'Paranormal State' was a former priest, and he became like an uncle. He talked to me about how… having faith means accepting loss sometimes and just knowing it's going to be okay."

"Faith isn't when you keep getting rewards over and over again," Buell added. "Having faith is making peace with the fact that you may die, but you know it's gonna be okay. He ended up passing away… so my fight was for him and my family. Maybe faith is accepting loss and death."

Buell, who is no stranger to the battle between good and evil, believes that the demonic may have contributed to the cancer to prevent him from doing the good he wanted to. However, knowing that the demonic could have contributed only encouraged him to fight harder.

"And if they [demons] can do everything, including deciding to kill me, which is also beyond my control, I'm not going to stop suddenly doing this work. I have thought about that and people have asked me things like, 'Aren't you afraid that demons are going to attack you?' But I just choose not to worry about that because then I give them power," Buell explained.