Parent Organization of K-LOVE Buys Radio Station Serving NYC for $15M

The organization operating K-LOVE and Air1 Radio networks, which feature contemporary Christian music, will be buying a radio station that will serve listeners near the New York City area.

Educational Media Foundation (EMF) is paying $15 million to purchase WCTZ-FM 96.7 The Coast from Cox Media Groupt. Both sides have reached a definitive agreement in the sale and the transaction is going through the due process of receiving regulatory approvals.

The sale is expected to be finalized during the first quarter of next year, according to Cox Media Group.

EMF president Mike Novak told The Christian Post on Wednesday that new acquisition will enable the organization to accomplish its Christian mission.

"We believe that our calling is to take the Gospel to as many people that we can in contemporary Christian music," said Novak. "If it fits within our ability to run it with excellence and with full awareness of good stewardship then we will do it."

The radio station will serve Southern Connecticut and some areas of Long Island and the New York City area.

It would be the first time EMF is servicing the area although a majority of the radio network's online listeners come from Greater New York area, according to Novak.

K-LOVE and Air1 Radio programming play contemporary Christian music and feature morning shows by their Christian radio personalities. Listeners can also receive news updates and learn about the latest Christian events in their area. Both radio programs are commercial-free and financially supported by the listeners.

Novak said he was not able to predict when K-LOVE and Air1 programming would become available since it depends on the approval process of the radio sale. However, he said he doesn't expect any glitches in the transaction.

"I hope we can utilize this gift in a great way for God's Kingdom," added Novak.