Parents Support 12-Year-Old Son's Cross-Dressing 'Hobby'

Insisting that it is only a hobby and all for sport, a young British boy was celebrating his victory in an annual drag queen competition in his home village, and his parents were celebrating right along with him.

Redvers Stoke, 12, donned women's clothing, make up, a wig, and a pair of high heels for the drag queen contest in his village in Cornwall.

Performing as "Naughty Nora," Stoke impressed judges with his routine, which involved singing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and a few tunes from Dolly Parton. His performance led to him being crowned Carnival Drag Queen.

The student, who told British publication the Daily Mail that he started dressing in drag before entering elementary school, said he could not resist entering the competition.

"I've always been open to new things," he told the publication.

The young boy insisted his preference for drag was not a reflection on his sexuality.

"I might like dressing up in women's clothes but I still like girls. It's just a little hobby of mine," Stoker said.

Stoker's parents had no problem with their son's hobby, although they admit to initially having misgivings about allowing the 12-year-old boy to cross-dress.

"We did worry at the beginning about whether it was right for him to segregate himself but we decided to let him get on with it," Mrs. Stoker told the Daily Mail.

Mr. Stoker added that the couple thought their son's routine was hilarious.

The issue of appropriate dress for men and women has often been debated in Christian circles, with wrangling often occurring over Deuteronomy 22:5, in which God appears to prohibit cross-dressing.

Some Christians, however, insist the issue is open for debate.