Paris Jackson Called Suicide Helpline Prior to Wrist Cuts, Overdose?

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @ParisJacksonnParis Jackson poses for a selfie

Paris Jackson reportedly called a suicide helpline shortly before allegedly attempting to take her own life on Wednesday, but law enforcement sources reportedly do not believe that the teen wanted to die.

The 15-year-old daughter of late singer Michael Jackson is said to have confided in a helpline counselor, who then allegedly called emergency services. While Jackson reportedly used a meat cleaver to cut her wrists and several Motrin pills, sources do not believe that the teen intended to take her own life in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

"She wanted attention, she wanted to be saved. It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house," an alleged law enforcement source told

Debbie Rowe, who is the biological mother of Jackson, confirmed that her daughter was rushed to hospital after sustaining wrist cuts.

Jackson has had "a lot going on [lately]," Rowe reportedly told ET Online.

An attorney for Jackson's grandmother, Katherine, released a statement Thursday confirming that the teen was fine and requested privacy.

"Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you, her father. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family's privacy," Perry Sander wrote in a statement obtained by Daily Mail U.K.

"Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for Paris. She is safe and doing fine. We truly appreciate you respecting our family's privacy at this time," the statement added.

While fans continue speculating what exactly prompted the alleged suicide attempt, a source claims the teen was distraught after not being allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert. The rock singer is scheduled to perform at Gibson Amphitheater with Alice Cooper on June 6.

Other reports have cited her father's 2009 death and boy trouble as other reasons for the teen's emotional struggles.