Paris Jackson Cutting Obsession Leads to Intense Therapy Sessions

Paris Jackson will have to undergo months of therapy following her most recent suicide attempt as sources close to the family reveal that she has been caught up in the world of cutting.

Law enforcement officials have indicated that the June 5 incident, in which Jackson reportedly cut herself with a kitchen knife, was not her first incident with cutting.

There is also news of Jackson's Tumblr page, which is allegedly filled with images of cutting and death references.

"Look at her life, it's not normal and this is hardly a surprise. While this is the most serious attempt, it is not first time. There have been many signs of problems before this," a source closely connected to the Jackson family told FOX411's Pop Tarts column.

"Paris is now surrounded by people that, up until a few years ago, she barely even knew. Before that, she spent her public life wearing a mask and witnessing the problems that her dad had. The fact that she and [her brother] Prince saw their father for dead that day, well that's incredibly traumatizing in itself."

Reports indicate that the pop icon was discovered by siblings Prince and Paris after they allegedly saw their father lying still on a bed with his eyes and mouth open before Dr. Conrad Murray had them ushered away. Murray was later sentenced in connection with Jackson's death.

Paris Jackson, who admittedly still mourns the untimely 2009 death of her late father, posted a series of troubling tweets on Twitter in the weeks leading up to her hospitalization. She alluded to her emotional struggles stemming from personal issues.

"I hate when people tell me to change… it's hurtful to know that someone you care about can't accept you the way you are," Jackson tweeted to her one million twitter followers on May 19.