Paris Jackson Dramatic Hair Cut Real? Teen Tries Out New Look (PHOTO)

Paris Jackson has emerged as a trendsetter in recent years, but has the fashionista now decided to copy a look made famous by Miley Cyrus? Jackson has posted a new photo that appears to show a dramatic haircut and new style, although it could merely be a wig worn to throw people off.

Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has developed into her own person since her father's death. She has not been afraid to express herself and has fought fiercely for her independence and the right to make her own decisions, even if they are unpopular with others.

"That awkward moment when everyone is saying no to doing the right thing… If I want to cut my hair and donate it I'd appreciate SOME support," Jackson tweeted last week.

She has since posted a photo of herself with rather short hair, in the same style as Miley Cyrus. Whether or not she chose to actually cut her hair, though, is still up for debate. In the photo, it looks as if the "cut" could actually be a wig worn over her hair, which has fans debating as to whether Jackson should go through with the dramatic makeover.

"Your hair is so beautiful! Don't cut it!" posted anouklovesmj.

"Your hair represent[s] nothing on you! You are flawless and we love you forever!" added jacksoncyrustylerdixonphillips.

From Jackson's tweets and posts, she has considered cutting her hair to show support for cancer victims whom have lost their own hair due to the disease. Lady Gaga recently made a dramatic cut in honor of a friend's late mother, but it remains to be seen if Jackson will follow in her footsteps and cut her long locks.

'The best thing you can donate is your time," suggested relley74. "Don't worry about cutting your hair to make a difference. Those cancer stricken kids would rather you visit them in the hospital, like your dad did."