Paris Jackson Moving in With Mother Debbie Rowe?

New reports state that Paris Jackson moved out of the home she shared with grandmother Katherine Jackson and into birth mother Debbie Rowe's home. The two have become closer in the past two months and have spent a lot of time together.

"It's been very tough living under their roof, and whilst her brothers also feel the same way, it's Paris who's recently taken the lead and defying her grandmother," a source told TheFIX. "Whilst she loves her grandmother Katherine, Paris thinks she has some extremely old-fashioned beliefs."

Paris recently took a stand and told her grandmother that she would no longer be going door-to-door as a Jehovah's Witness. Katherine is a very strong believer and has brought Paris, Prince Michael, and Blanket up the same way.

"Paris is trying to persuade Prince and Blanket to join her. Debbie has told her they would all be welcome, but there are certain laws which have to be obeyed, and Paris knows that whilst she may be able to leave, it would be far more difficult for the boys, due to the legalities," the source noted.

Rowe is the biological mother of Paris and Prince Michael; she was married to Michael Jackson for three years and, at the end of their marriage, gave full custody of the children to him. Now that Michael has died, Paris has begun reaching out to her mother, even spending her birthday with her instead of the Jackson family.

"There has been a string of turbulent rows in the Jackson home over the past few weeks, and it's all coming to a head," the source explained. "Paris is an extremely independent young woman and as she's got older, she's starting to voice her opinion more and stand up for herself and her beliefs."

Paris has certainly worked to build her own image in the wake of her father's death. She chopped off her hair and joined her school's cheerleading squad, which she reportedly loves. She has been very active and vocal on Twitter and hopes to be in the entertainment industry at some point in her life.

Paris and her brothers are all under the legal custody of Katherine and their cousin T.J. Jackson.