Paris Jackson Plays Football, Invited to Represent Lingerie Football

Paris Jackson expressed her desire to play football a few weeks ago, and now as of today, her dream has come true, aided by an invitation to represent the Lingerie Football League.

The 13-year-old took to the field to practice today at her private Las Angeles School.

Paris' brothers, Prince and Blanket, were on the sidelines and cheering to watch their sister, as she played head-to-head with the boys.

Paris tweeted shortly after the game: "We Won 32-6!!!!!!!! Yeahhh Boiiiiii!!! #Leggo."

Last week, Paris received a letter from the Lingerie Football League asking if she would like to become the organization’s spokesperson, which claims it is breaking down barriers for women.

The organization would like Paris to become the face of their "youth program."

Mitchell S. Mortaza, LFL commissioner, said there was a "lack of options for competitive female football"

He also said that the league wanted to introduce “youth clinics across the country to introduce the game of football to young ladies at an earlier stage in life."

Mortaza added: “We ... would like to invite Paris to become the spokesperson for the LFL's youth program and perhaps start training for a future football career in the LFL when she reaches the age of 18."

The invitation sparked outrage in the Jackson family, most notably the children's guardian, Katherine, their grandmother.

Radar Online was able to get contact from a family insider who said Katherine views the invitation as a “disgusting attack on a minor.”

“A teenage spokeswoman for a lingerie league? That's just creepy and downright offensive,” Katherine reportedly said.

Although a collaboration of Paris and the Lingerie Football League is unlikely, it is clear she is a fan of her school’s flag football games.