Paris Jackson Questions Family Over Grandmother Katherine's Disappearance

Paris Jackson, late singer Michael Jackson's 14-year-old daughter, has caused concern among her 500,000 Twitter followers by publicly questioning the whereabouts of her grandmother and legal guardian Katherine Jackson on Sunday morning.

Paris first announced that she hadn't spoken to her grandmother in a week and provided a phone number for her Twitter followers to call if the Jackson matriarch was found.

"Yes my grandmother is missing. I haven't spoken with her in a week I want her home now," the late pop singer's daughter tweeted. "If anybody sees my grandmother, please call the authorities or this number--(818) 876-0186 it's the security number. Thank you so much."

The 82-year-old mother of the famous Jackson clan was reported missing on Saturday, the Los Angeles Sherriff's department confirmed to the Associated Press. The department also said however that Paris' grandmother was in her family's care and under doctor's orders after suffering from a stroke.

Various news outlets reported that there may be more to the story than just an alleged stroke, since Janet, Randy, Tito, Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson allegedly wrote a letter to the executors of Michael Jackson's estate saying that the pop singer's will was a fake. According to Fox News, the letter stated that Katherine was being manipulated by the executors which was taking a toll on her health.

However, Paris' uncle, Jermaine Jackson, took to Twitter to curb some of the rumors and let the world know that his mother was being treated for health issues.

"This is our mother and her health is paramount. We are not inventing or plotting anything," Jermaine tweeted on Saturday. "We are following doctor's advice. Period."

Still, Paris took to her own Twitter account to question the doctor.

"The same doctor that testified on behalf of Dr. Murray saying that my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother," Paris tweeted on Sunday. "Just saying."

Katherine has been caring for Paris and her brother's Prince and Blanket since the 2009 death of their father Michael, who overdosed on the drug Propofol while being cared for by Dr. Conrad Murray.