Paris Jackson to Spend Summer With Biological Mother, Debbie Rowe

Paris Jackson is planning to make a big move and spend plenty of time with her mother, Debbie Rowe, during her summer vacation. Jackson, 15, and Rowe have been spending more and more time together ever since Paris' father, Michael Jackson, passed away.

"Paris will be with Debbie at her house in Southern California this summer when the school year is over. She might go to summer school for the first month of vacation, but will be with Debbie on the weekends and plans on being with her mom in July and August. Paris wants to spend as much time as possible with Debbie and this is the perfect time," a friend told Radar Online.

Paris currently lives with her 83-year-old grandmother, Katherine, and two brothers. However, the teen has started making her own decisions in regards to her faith, schooling, and now how much time she wants to spend with her biological mother. The two did not spend much time together while Michael was still alive, but since his death, Paris has made an effort to see her mother and get to know her better.

"This is very important to Paris and while grandmother, Katherine, will miss her over summer, Katherine supports Paris' plans and keen interest in getting to know her mom. Paris and Debbie are quickly finding out how much they have in common– a love of animals and being outspoken! Paris definitely takes after Debbie because they are both straight shooters and don't take any nonsense from anybody," the source added.

Paris has taken pride in her autonomy and truly blossomed as she's grown. The teen chopped off her long hair, joined the cheerleading squad at school, and recently decided to stop evangelizing for the Jehovah's Witnesses. She reportedly told her grandmother that she no longer wanted to go door-to-door to speak to people about the tradition and has encouraged her brothers to do the same.