Paris Jackson Wig Scares Fans Who Love Her Long Locks (PHOTO)

It was previously reported that Paris Jackson was following in Miley Cyrus' footsteps after she debuted a photo of herself with short-cropped hair. The new style however, was only a wig.

The 14-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson posted the photo of herself in the wig over the weekend. But controversy stirred as fans gave an unsatisfactory review on the new style, not knowing that the new look was only a wig.

"i don't know why people keep hating miley's new cut.. i love it !!" she tweeted when she first posted the picture. "shes being herself & shes being different & i love her for that."

But fans had a negative reaction and "hated" the new look according to Jackson on her Twitter, who responded by uploading a second photo of herself. But although the look was only a wig- confirmed by the latest picture showing a long curly mane- Jackson has suggested that she is seriously considering styling her hair in a similar manner. She was angered with followers on Twitter for not supporting her decision.

"That awkward moment when everyone is saying no to doing the right thing…… if i want to cut my hair and donate it i'd appreciate SOME support," the teen added after the negative reaction to her photos.

That didn't stop fans however, from support Jackson's long hair locks.

(PHOTO:Twitter/Paris Jackson)Paris Jackson write good night to fans on Twitter.

"Just another opinion to add to the rest...but I think you look best with curly hair and no make up. You're naturally friggin gorgeous!!" one fan wrote on her Twitter following the latest picture.

The teen appears to have settled on curling her long locks for now, which fans received with a round of applause.

"luv your curly hair," one fan opined, much like many others.