Pasha P183 Dies: Graffiti Artist Mysteriously Dies Aged Just 29

Pasha P183 has died at the age of just 29, according to reports out Wednesday.

Pasha P183 was a widely heralded Russian graffiti artist, who hid his real identity behind his alias name.

The graffiti artist had been praised and likened to Britain's famous artist, Banksy, for maintaining his anonymity and for his bold style in his artistry.

The graffiti artist is most famous for one of his works showing a huge pair of glasses painted on a yard covered in snow, along with a lamppost, which is placed to give the impression it is an arm.

Another one of Pasha P183's most heralded pieces is of chocolate bars painted on concrete. He has previously described that image as reflecting the commercialization of art and life.

The Teatralnoye Delo theatrical production company had recently engaged the grafitti artists for a new piece of work, commissioning Pasha P183 to create scenery for the musical "Todd."

The company, however, confirmed the news about the star's death, saying the artist died Monday in Moscow. The company offered no further details as to the circumstances surrounding his death.

Teatralnoye Delo's spokeswoman Regina Vartsan, has described Pasha P183 as a "sincere and open person of remarkable talent and unique vision," according to The Associated Press.