Pastor Accused of Stealing From Church Strips Building of Furniture and Walks Out on Congregation

(Photo: Screen Grab via WTNH)Pastor Anthony Fulton is accused of stealing church money.

A New Haven, Conn., pastor accused of splurging thousands of dollars on personal comforts with his church's money, stripped the church of all its furniture except the pews then walked out on the congregation after they tackled him about the money.

According to a WTNH report, Pastor Anthony Fulton of Faith Refuge church is accused of going on a shopping spree with the church's debit card to acquire things that had nothing to do with the church's business.

"They were getting hair done, their nails done, going out to eat, writing out cash instead of, you know, paying the bills, so they can do whatever they want with the money," Angie Boxill, a Faith Refuge member explained in the report.

Members allege that bank statements show numerous transactions made at places such as clothing stores, beauty shops and restaurants, amounting to nearly $10,000 in less than six months.

When asked about the allegations, Fulton responded: "No come on, personal use. I don't drive a BMW, I don't live in a fat house, okay. The Lord supplies all my needs."


The disappointed church members then had to watch as Fulton took all the church's furniture, allegedly bought with their tithes and offerings, load it up into a U-Haul and take off.

"They took it upon themselves to buy flat screen TVs. And now they're leaving, they take it with them, but we've got it on black-and-white that they wrote it out from Faith Refuge," said Charlene Chesson, another church member.

Pastor Fulton, however, insisted that he is innocent of the allegations and he was moving to another church.

"Yes with our stuff we accumulated over the years. We brought our stuff from 4 West Street to 70 West Street, because as you interview inside the church, you saw how it was, that's how it was when we came," said Fulton.

Church members say they will sue for what belongs to them.

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