Pastor Calls Out Beyoncé for Not Being an Example of Purity

Pastor Alyssa Shull, cofounder of Shull International Ministries, was less than pleased with Beyoncé's example to young women, comparing her performance to soft porn.

"Her performance was completely sexual," says Shull. "I don't want young women to think that to be attractive you have to look, dress or act like that."

Shull compares the performances between Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé. She points out that Jennifer looked classy and dressed modestly. Beyoncé, on the other hand, wore lingerie and danced so provocatively that she should have left that performance for the eyes of her husband.

Blogger Erin Janda Rawlings of Mommy on the Spot also had conflicted feelings about Beyoncé's Super Bowl half-time show. Although she loved the girl power aspect of the all-girl band, the high level of production, and the fact that Beyoncé is not stick thin, she was conflicted as a parent at the overtly sexual nature of the performance.

"When the 'choreographed' routine (and I say 'choreographed' in loose terms) had her rolling on the ground, it reminded me how maybe my mom felt when she watched Madonna roll (literally roll) on the scene with Borderline record and later Like a Virgin."

After the lip syncing controversy at President Obama's inauguration, Beyoncé's half-time performance was under such scrutiny that many critics questioned if she could deliver. She received soaring praises and her peers and celebrities alike took to Twitter to give Beyoncé rave reviews.

Oprah tweeted, "@mayawatson just realized I was holding my breath. Did she RISE to this moment or what!!!!!"

Piers Morgan wrote, "I'm calling it – best half-time #Super bowl performance EVER."

Larry King also tweeted, "@Beyonce's half time performance was probably one of the best I've seen & I've seen them all #lightsout"

Jay Z, Beyoncé's husband, praised his wife with a simple sentence, "Lights Out!!!!!!! Any questions??"

Although the show-stopping Beyoncé received such high praise, Shull challenges young women to not strive to imitate what they see. She observes that Beyoncé is not using her talent for the glory of the Lord but to receive a paycheck.

"Beyoncé has this beautiful gift, that the enemy (Satan) has twisted to use for his kingdom. Beyoncé was born into a Christian family and she said in one her first popular songs, Survivor, 'I'm not gon' compromise my Christianity (I'm better than that).'"

Shull questions if the acclaimed performer has lost sight of her Christian goals in exchange to becoming this huge megastar. Shull says that the way in which Beyoncé uses her body causes men to stumble and young women to follow her behavior.

"Young women have to begin to change how they think," Shull says. "You must determine what God wants – what is good, pleasing and perfect. Be different. Be set apart. Strive for purity."