Pastor Gets Ugly Welcome to Houston as Truck Stripped of Wheels Hours Before He Was to Officiate Funeral

(Photo: Screen Grab via KHOU)Pastor Doug Cassel's Chevrolet Avalanche was stripped of its four wheels Tuesday morning.

A pastor from Linton, Indiana, who drove almost 1,000 miles to officiate a funeral in Houston, got quite a shock Tuesday morning when he woke up to find all four tires missing from his vehicle shortly before the start of the funeral.

Pastor Doug Cassel of Bethel Baptist Church in Indiana told KHOU that he was staying at the Comfort Suites on Highway 59 North in Humble, Texas, when he woke up to find his Chevrolet Avalanche sitting on cinder blocks. This was just two hours before he was set to officiate at the funeral of a family member of one of his parishioners.

"It was pretty obvious. You could see it clear across the lot," Cassel told KHOU. "The day was about honoring the memory of Grandma Jane. We didn't want this to have any part or be any distraction."

Luckily, the family of Grandma Jane were able to get him to the funeral in time.

(Photo: Screen Grab via KHOU)Pastor Doug Cassel.

"They were just shocked and appalled, and I felt bad," said Cassel. "Every town has its thugs."

Once the funeral was over the family had to worry about getting back to Indiana. The local Robbins Chevrolet initially told the pastor and his wife, Jennifer, that it would take three days to restore the vehicle. Once the staff there learned what happened to the couple, however, that three day wait was shortened to 24 hours.

"I thought it was terrible. I just wanted to get them in and out and get them back onto the road as quick as we could," said Chris Ward of Robbins Chevrolet.

The God-fearing couple found even more grace when they decided to extend their stay at the hotel by one night and Comfort Suites picked up the tab.

"All the good people have gone out of their way to take care of us," said Cassel, who commented that he is now praying for the thief who took his wheels.

"I honestly feel bad for him because one day, it's just a Bible law, what you sow you reap," Cassel asserted. "What goes around comes around."

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